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Andrew asks by Peter
Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

I have been really enjoying reading your comments and messages – they make my day. Also I want to say hello to my 91 (the code you dial to phone someone in India!) friends on Facebook and 56 (The number of counties in the state of Montana!) on Twitter! This week three people have actually even e-mailed me too! Here is what Andrew has to say:

Are you a ghost?

No-one has asked me this before which makes it an exciting question after a bit of a boring day. Sooo I have drawn a picture of a ghost and put it next to a picture of me by way of a comparison.

side by side comparison of me and a ghost

I can see what Andrew means with regards to my arms and possibly my eyes but I think that if I were to walk in your room at night you would probably not shout, “ARRRGGH! GHOOOOOooooST!”  but instead say, “Ahhhhhhh, Peter, is that some tooooooast?!” (or call the police because I am in your room – sorry).

I have, however, spent a little time coming up with a picture of me which I think is the closest I will ever look to being a real ghost – I can’t imagine how this would come about… perhaps through the madness that will surely grip my mind as I while away my days making sure grocery products are at the very front of shelves with their labels facing the front; this is called ‘facing up’ o__o I think it has double meaning because it comprises of ‘facing up’ a shelf while having plenty of brain time to face up to how little you like ‘facing up’! Anyway here is the picture!
The closest I have ever been to being a ghost

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15 Responses to “Andrew asks”

  1. Jacqui says:

    Dear Peter,

    You crack me up.
    Also, I do hope you make more videos…
    And I wanted to say that if I had a Facebook or a Twitter, I’d be your friend.
    It’s the thought that counts, right? I think…


  2. Tedflip says:

    The toothpaste stands out so perfectly Peter!

  3. Danae says:

    Hi Peter,

    I’ve dressed up like that before. You can also become a caterpillar if you go all the way into the sleeping bag. :)

    Love from

  4. Angel says:

    Hey Peter!
    I kind of wonder how you would end up with a blob of toothpaste on your head.
    But then, I’ve had a blob of toothpaste on my head. Also, several frappucino’s.
    Have a great day, then!

  5. Andrew says:

    I am so happy!!! :)

  6. nicole says:

    why do you suddenly have nippels as a ghost.? ghosts don’t have nipples… o.O

  7. Toothpaste hats, I could see it now… It will be the new fad sweeping the world in fourty-seven years.

  8. Peter says:

    I will make more videos just for you Jacqui! (even if we’re not friends via a social network).

    I am too tall to fit entirely inside a sleeping bag to become a caterpillar, Danae.

    Sorry about the nipples.

    I can’t think of a good name for toothpaste hats. But the slogan would surely be, “DA FRESHEST HAT YOU WILL /EVER/ WEAR!”.

    I would like to ask Angel about the frappucinos but I’m afraid.

    :) @ Andrew and Tedflip!

  9. Paul says:

    I remember having to ‘face-up’ when I worked for Asda (UK version of Wal-Mart for any Americans who were wondering…you probably weren’t). I hated it. I hated Asda. I hated having to wear a flourescent lime-green shirt that had a nametag on it (which usually said ‘God’ or ‘Satan’ depending on what kind of mood I was in). They even made me wear a flourescent yellow jacket whenever I had to go into the warehouse which wasn’t nearly as bright as the smegging t-shirt!

    On the bright side, they did give me control of the funky machine that allows you to print out new prices for stuff that is going off. Everything cost 5p that day. Including a 3 kilo fish. I was happy. The customers were happy. The till ladies didn’t care. My manager never found out. I stayed happy.

  10. Angel says:

    Peter, never fear!
    Frappucino’s are very sneaky. I’m a barista in a coffee shop, and after you blend frap’s, a bubble of air comes up and pops. Often, part of the frap will jump way up into the air and land on my noggin. it’s verrrrry cold.
    but my head usually ends up smelling like hazelnut or coffee, so it’s not allll bad.

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